Managed Print Services: Small Changes, Big Difference

Managed Print Services can save both time and money.managed print services

Have you ever considered how much time your employees spend on printing-related tasks like ordering supplies?

Have you thought about how much your company spends on printing?

Often times when companies are focused on daily operations, acquiring new business or servicing customers, the office equipment and printing process gets overlooked. If your staff is spending time fixing paper jams, dealing with equipment downtime, or ordering supplies, they could probably spend that time more wisely in your business.

In many cases, small changes to a print environment can save 20%-30% through decreased direct costs, and increasing efficiency.

Benefits of managed print services include:

  • optimizing your print environment
  • reducing your total printing costs
  • improving workflow
  • and freeing staff from the burden of printing-related tasks

For more information about managed print services or to discuss your options regarding transferring the management of your printing equipment over to Stone’s, contact one of our offices today.

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Stone’s Office Equipment serves businesses, non-profit organizations, and institutions throughout Central Virginia with full service office equipment sales and repair, managed print services, document management, and managed IT services.

Author: Sam Stone

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